Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bigen Xpressive: Water-based permanent haircolor that...LIFTS?!

During one of my recent trips to my neighborhood Sally Beauty Supply, I stumbled upon this little gem: Bigen Xpressive, a water-activated hair coloring system that LIFTS and deposits! I didn't care that it's for dark hair only and shouldn't be used over metallic dyes, etc, it had the word gentle 'written all over it' in my mind, (it being water-based and all) so I was gonna buy it and at least try it on my roots...and that's exactly what I did...

The results? Gorgeous, shiny, honey-blonde roots! I ended up having to go over the rest I didn't color with my trusty Roux Fanci-Full color styling mousse(in #23 Frivolous Fawn) to get it all one color, but what nice results!

I used Xpressive N-10 or True Crystal Blonde and it gave me a nice honey blonde shade that wasn't too warm or cool.

I also picked up this shade as a back up (A-9, blizzard blonde which is a cool/ash tone, as my hair tends to pull alot of red as it lifts - turns out I didn't need it!)

Xpressive may come in only 8 shades, but with golds, reds, neutrals, and ash tones to choose from in levels 7-10, it's not that difficult to select a shade that could work for you, and if your looking for lift and deposit without the harshness of ammonia or peroxide, this may be the product for you!

Some key things to keep in mind when considering using Bigen Xpressive:

  • This really is for DARK HAIR ONLY - meaning naturally dark hair
  • This shouldn't be used over henna, indigo, metallic dyes, color correctors, etc
  • NOT Recommended for Gray Coverage - there is another line of Bigen hair color that is suitable covering grays

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